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Terms and Conditions


Group classes are purchased on a ‘term’ basis, meaning that you book a particular class (i.e., Monday 7.30pm) for the entire term.

Course fees should be paid before the term begins.

I offer a make up system which allows you the opportunity to cancel out of your regular class and book into another class to make it up.  This system is subject to certain terms and condition which are listed below:

  • Classes must be cancelled up to 2 hours before the start time of your scheduled class.

  • Make up classes must be taken within the same term and cannot be carried over to future terms or refunded off future terms fees.

  • Makeup classes can be taken in advance for example if you know you are going to be away in June you can make up in May.

  • Be aware the end of terms get really busy so if you can make up earlier in a term you are more likely to fit them in.

  • Make up classes are a gesture of goodwill and are ONLY offered if there is space availability.  You may have to be flexible with which classes you can get for your make ups.

  • Drop in classes (eg: Saturday workshops and summer classes) cannot be used for make up classes as this is a drop in class and not part of the group mat class system.


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